Key Features

All-in-One Liquidity Data Across Chains

PLEXUS aggregates liquidity data from all chains it integrates with, including DEXs, lending platforms, liquid staking mechanisms, and bridges. Users can easily access and view comprehensive liquidity data on a single page.

One-Click Staking with 1 TX

Users can stake their assets from Vaults on different chains with just one click. PLEXUS streamlines the process, eliminating the need for multiple transactions and complex steps.

Automatic Compounding

PLEXUS offers an automatic compounding feature, allowing users to continuously compound their interest earnings without the need for manual intervention. This feature simplifies the process of maximizing returns and ensures optimal compounding efficiency.

Contract Bundling for Gas Efficiency

PLEXUS optimizes gas fees by bundling multiple staking contracts together for processing. This approach minimizes gas costs and enables users to stake with the lowest possible fees, resulting in significant savings.

These key features of PLEXUS contribute to an enhanced user experience by providing a consolidated view of liquidity data, simplifying the staking process with one-click functionality, automating compounding for convenient yield optimization, and optimizing gas fees through contract bundling. With PLEXUS, users can access the full potential of DeFi staking across multiple chains efficiently and effectively.

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