Proposal Process

This page describes the governance operation process for developing and advancing PLEXUS protocol.

Governance-related discussion will take place in the PLEXUS community and anyone is able to participate in the discussion. If the idea gets enough support from the community members/governance members, the proposal will be accepted and implemented by the PLEXUS team.

PLEXUS governance process proceeds in the following order: Discussion -> Temperature check -> Consensus Check -> Governance Proposal *A process and policy around the proposal can be modified by the DAO/community.


PLEXUS Discord channel is where governance-related discussion takes place. Anyone in the PLEXUS community can share their unique ideas. Each idea will have its own thread for communication to stay on topic. The goal of the Discussion phase is to get a rough community consensus. Some ideas will be refined and formalized and moved to the next phase.

Discussion process:

  1. Discord Channel is an open forum for anybody to have free discussions about PLEXUS protocol.

  2. Before participating in discussion, one should register and meet the PLEXUS community requirements.

  3. Each discussion will have its own thread for the communication to stay on topic.

  4. If the discussion gets more than 2,000 likes, it will move to Temperature check.

PLEXUS Discord Community Address:

Temperature check

The purpose of the Temperature Check phase is to determine if the ideas have enough support from the community members. If the idea has enough support from the community, it will proceed to the Consensus Check phase. *If the idea does not have enough support, the topic will be closed.

Temperature Check Process:

  1. Ask general opinions of the governance members on Discord Channel and get a feedback to incorporate in the next phase.

  2. Announce governance members about the voting schedule and the link to the voting page.

  3. The voting period lasts 3 days.

  4. If the idea gets more than half of the community votes, it will move to a next phase, Consensus Check.

*Temperature check votes will be done off-chain and anayone is able to vote.

Consensus Check

The purpose of Consensus Check is to incorporate feedback from the Temperature Check and and discuss formally on potential governance proposals.

Consensus Check Process:

  1. Create a new thread for the proposals that have gained support from the previous phase, Temperature check.

  2. Organize the proposal for the community understand easily and alert the community about it.

  3. Respond to questions and feedback from the community

  4. Incorporate feedback and let the community vote on it.

  5. The voting period lasts 5 days.

  6. It has to have more than 1M gPLX yes-vote to move to the next phase, Governance Proposals.

Governance Proposal

Governance Proposal is the final step in the governance operation process. The governance proposal must incorporate feedback from the previous phases(Temperature Check, Conseusns Check). Governance proposal votings occur on-chain.

Governance Proposal Process:

  1. Write a governance proposal in a way for governance members to easily understand the content of it.

  2. Governance proposal should present a vision how it will improve the PLEXUS protocol.

  3. More than 2M gPLX yes-vote is required to move to the next phase, Implementation


After the voting period has concluded, the results of the governance proposal vote will be posted in the forum for everyone to see. If the proposal has passed, the PLEXUS team will start developing and implementing the proposal.

Implementation Process:

  1. Post the result of the governance vote in the forum

  2. PLEXUS team should decide when and how they will implement the proposal.

  3. Announce the schedule of the implementation.

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