Theta algorithm

Optimal Cross-Chain Swap

PLEXUS also offers cross-chain optimized swap functionality.

Users usually exchange their tokens through a single path through a well-known bridge, as it is usually difficult to determine the optimal bridge exchange path.

PLEXUS is a Cross-chain DEX aggregator that not only aggregates all bridges, but also aggregates the liquidity of all mainnets, including DEX aggregators such as 1Inch and cross-chain DEXs such as Torchain.

Therefore, PLEXUS, which supports the integrated aggregation service, analyzes the massive liquidity data through its self-developed Theta algorithm, divides the liquidity into the optimal path, and proceeds with cross-chain swaps.

If token A is swapped from token B, from chain, the algorithm splits the liquidity into multiple DEXs and multiple pairs of bridges in From chain, Middle chain (Bridge network), and To chain, considering slippage and price impact, respectively, to support the transaction.

These technologies are characterized by the effectiveness of the transaction volume as it becomes larger. The algorithm with API services will be an effective solution for B2B customers who make large transactions.

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