PLX Staking / gPLX


Staking is locking up PLX tokens for a certain period of time. Stakers can invest in the future of the PLEXUS protocol, not the market value of the token and contribute to the stability of the PLEXUS protocol.

What is gPLX(governance PLEXUS)?

gPLX is the governance token of PLEXUS and can be obtained by staking PLX. The amount of gPLX holding represents the ownership of the protocol. Stakers are given gPLX tokens that represent their ownership of PLEXUS, and become a governance member of PLEXUS.

gPLX is the first key that enables the complete decentralization of PLEXUS. We aim to tokenize the ownership of the PLEXUS Protocol, distribute it to users, and ultimately create a fully decentralized protocol operated by DAO. In 2021, the Maker DAO was transformed into a completely community governed protocol. With gPLX, PLEXUS will evolve step by step towards a community-friendly policy with the goal of PLEXUS DAO.

By participating in the project’s voting process, governance token holders can influence the protocol’s software implementations, updates, and technical improvements as opposed to in traditional companies, the CEO or board of directors makes management decisions. Protocol tokenization allows all users to own the protocol and achieve true democracy. No gPLX holders will be left behind or not heard. It’s not the developer’s responsibility to make difficult choices, so you can work with the community to identify issues, determine how to fix specific features, and also manage partnerships and funds.

Conversion Rate:

2 months: 1 gPLX

4 months: 2 gPLX

8 months: 4 gPLX

12 months: 6 gPLX

24 months: 12 gPLX

gPLX Key feature

1. APR (Annual Percentage Rate): Earn impressive rewards ranging from 20% to an astounding 200% or more on your staked PLX.

2. Fee Revenue Share: Anticipate the upcoming addition of a generous 40% share of fee revenue in USDT, scheduled to be applied after the Theta algorithm V2 update in the 1st quarter. This enhancement will further amplify your returns.

3. Governance Voting: Look forward to participating in shaping the future of PLEXUS through governance voting, which is scheduled to be applied in the 3rd to 4th quarter. Your voice matters in the evolution of our platform.

Revenue Sharing Protocol Contributor

gPLX holder (40%), Buyback Fund (40%), Gas Fee Treasury (20%)

Unstake Penalty by period

ex) staking 100 PLX for 2 years

Unstaking after 60 days: 8.2% PLX received (91.8% penalty)

Unstaking after 360 days: 50% PLX received (50% penalty)

Unstaking after 720 days: 100% PLX received (0% penalty)

*Penalties due to unstaking will be all burned and excluded from circulation. *All responsibility for unstaking rests with the user, and the user must be clearly aware of this.

Vision of gPLX

PLEXUS takes the first step towards a complete decentralization by introducing gPLX. gPLX will allow stakers to make decisions on their own, from small decisions such as distributing PLX tokens to major decisions such as setting the PLEXUS Protocol’s technology agenda and roadmap. Through free consultation among users, PLEXUS Protocol will expand the ecosystem together with shareholders and partners.

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