RIsk & Security


Users must be fully aware of how to use PLEXUS protocol. When a user uses PLEXUS protocol, it is acknowledged that he or she has fully understood and agreed to the contents of the notice.

Cross-chain Swap

You can exchange your all Cryptocurrencies through Cross-chain swap on PLEXUS. Should participate in the transaction with a clear understanding that all risks of using the service are 100% their own for other risks that may arise from their actions.

User Responsibilities

  • All responsibility for using the PLEXUS service rests with the user, and the user must clearly understand this and proceed with the transaction at his or her own risk.

  • PLEXUS is an interface that supports users to Cross-chain swap services. PLEXUS does not warrant or guarantee any loss due to changes in token price or exchange rate for each transaction. Therefore, you must carefully evaluate and proceed with the transaction at your own risk.

  • Features and services provided by PLEXUS may be added or changed at any point in time. In the event of the addition or change of services, we will notify and inform you of how to respond within a reasonable period in advance.

  • PLEXUS can set a slippage tolerance to prevent trading at unwanted prices in case of front-running (the act of closing a more favorable trade before entering into a swap).

  • PLEXUS is not responsible for any third party services, including the Various blockchain Networks.

  • All figures displayed within the website are estimated and anticipated information provided to assist users in their judgment, and do not warrant timeliness, suitability, or accuracy of the information.

  • Official PLEXUS website will never require you to enter a private key, mnemonic key, or seed syntax for your personal wallet.

  • PLEXUS is a Dapp designed to directly interact with the Various blockchain Networks through automated smart contract code, but the integrity of the code cannot be completely guaranteed due to the complexity of the software and the inherent limitations of the technology. Therefore, there may be undetected flaws in the smart contract code used by PLEXUS, and the transaction should proceed with the risk of loss of principal through hacking and flash loan attacks that exploit these flaws. All responsibility for using the DeFi service lies with the user, and the user should be clearly aware of this.

  • The PLEXUS team is making every effort to keep the block synchronization up to date, but due to natural disasters, increased transaction congestion on the Network, system errors, software attacks, etc., the PLEXUS interfa not be guaranteed to be provided 24 hours a day. This may result in errors in interface, temporary service connection failure, connection errors, and stoppages, which may cause delays and request failures in the process of transaction processing such as swap requested by the user.

  • The development and update of the PLEXUS pursues governance by a decentralized voting or consensus, and the developers and governance participants of the PLEXUS do not make any direct or indirect agreements or guarantees for the related protocols, codes, services, etc. within the limits permitted by law.

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