Frequently Asked Questions

What is PLEXUS?

PLEXUS is the first Cross-chain DEX aggregator that guarantees the fastest, cheapest, and most secure swaps across all blockchain networks with a single transaction. With the CCRP(Cross-Chain Routing Protocol) and Theta algorithm that we developed, PLEXUS will solve cross-chain problems and maximize UX to become the best DeFi one-stop platform where everyone can exchange any asset on any blockchain seamlessly.

What is CCRP(Cross-Chain Routing Protocol)?

CCRP is a Cross-chain communication technology. Through this CCRP technology, users can make safe swap transactions between heterogeneous chains with a single confirmation.

Is PLEXUS safe?

PLEXUS Cross-chain routing protocol uses a relayer node and a decentralized oracle to ensure the stability of cross-chain communication. Relayer node of PLEXUS delivers the transaction proof of Chain A to the Validator Contract in Chain B. At the same time, the decentralized oracle also transfers the data from chain A to the validator contract of chain B. The validator contract verifies the validity of the transaction by checking whether the transaction proof received from the relayer node and the oracle matches.

Why do I have to do a swap at PLEXUS?

PLEXUS offers cross-chain optimized swap functionality.

  1. PLEXUS is a Cross-chain DEX aggregator that not only aggregates all bridges, but also aggregates the liquidity of all mainnets, including DEX aggregators such as 1Inch and cross-chain DEXs such as Torchain.

  2. PLEXUS, which supports the integrated aggregation service, analyzes the massive liquidity data through its self-developed Theta algorithm, divides the liquidity into the optimal path, and proceeds with cross-chain swaps.

ex) token A is swapped from token B, from chain, middle chain, and to chain find the optimal swap path considering slippage and price impact, respectively, to support the transaction.

Since this method generates much less slippage and price impact than exchanging tokens through a single DEX, aggregator, or bridge, it is possible to swap tokens between heterogeneous chains at an optimal price.

What is a PLEXUS Point system?

PLEXUS Points represent community members' activity as testers in PLEXUS. In this system, points are accumulated according to activities in PLEXUS, such as the number of users invited by the user, TX, transaction volume, and bug reports.

How do I earn PLEXUS Points?

Within the PLEXUS Point System, there are invite missions that recommend PLEXUS to friends, trading missions that reward points based on trading activity, and contributor missions that reward protocol contributors. Additional incentive points will be given to the top 100 players who earn high points through missions.

Is there a limit to the PLEXUS points I can earn?

There is no limit to the points. Invite many friends and earn points through various missions.

Why should I verify my wallet and community?

Wallet and community verification is required to prevent abuse by bots.

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