Point System

PLEXUS distributes ecosystem tokens to contributors on PLEXUS growth.

Point System

PLEXUS Points represent community members’ activity as testers in PLEXUS. In this system, points are accumulated according to activities in PLEXUS, such as the number of users invited by the user, TX, transaction volume, and bug reports.

What kind of reward do I get through the mission?

Within the PLEXUS Point System, there are invite missions that recommend PLEXUS to friends, trading missions that reward points based on trading activity, and contributor missions that reward protocol contributors. Additional incentive points will be given to the top 100 players who earn high points through missions.

Learn More: https://link.medium.com/r2owbjyhZvb

Getting Started with Referral System

1. Connect Wallet

Step 1 : Go to PLEXUS.app and click ‘Connect Wallet’ at the top right.

Step 2 : Select Wallet and connect it to PLEXUS.app

Step 3 : You will now see your wallet address in the top right corner.

Step 4 : Make sure you have some of the native blockchain tokens to pay for network transaction fees.

2. Get PLEXUS Points

In order to earn more PLEXUS Points, you must go through three certification levels. If you verify your identity and enter the referral link, PLEXUS Points will be accumulated.

Step 1 : Discord verification

Step 2 : Twitter verification

Step 3 : Enter referral link

* Community authentication is required to prevent abuse by bots.

An invite link will be generated once the wallet connection is complete. If you share the share link to the community you are active in, you can share a promotional article with a referral link. When you share your referral link, both inviter and invitee will be rewarded with PLEXUS Points.

4. Leaderboard

Leaderboards allow community members to track points and details based on their contributions to PLEXUS. Users who have completed linking their wallet and community can check their PLEXUS Points, details, and top 100 points through the leaderboard.

5. Account Details

Total PLEXUS Points Total PLX Points represent the active points of your account to date.

Rank shows my current rank

My Transaction shows the number of transactions (Swap) I have made.

Invitees Accepted Shows the number of people who accepted your invitation and the number of transactions by people who accepted your invitation.

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