Key features

All token swap on-chain

PLEXUS allows users to swap every token on-chain. PLEXUS enables heterogeneous ERC-20 to ERC-20 exchange, heterogeneous ERC-20 to coin exchange and Heterogeneous coin to coin exchange.

Fee payment service

Different native tokens are required for users to pay the gas fee through the process of transferring assets between different networks. We enalbe users to pay the gas fee with the destination tokens or PLX tokens.

Cross-chain optimal swap

Users usually exchange tokens through popular DEXs or bridges as it is very difficult for them to determine the optimal exchange path. Theta algorithm of the PLEXUS analyzes the optimal path through multiple paths based on the liquidity data collected in the relay node and enables the optimal swap.

CCRP(Cross-Chain Routing Protocol) solution

PLEXUS innovatively overcomes the limitations of moving assets between chains through its Theta algorithm based "CCRP(Cross-Chain Routing Protocol)". What makes CCRP special is that it enables swap transactions between heterogeneous chains with an optimal exchange route and minimal cost with a single transaction.

Decentralized cross-chain tech

The validator conctract verifies its validity by checking whether the transaction proof received from the relater node and the oracle matches. Through this, PLEXUS prevents data forgery in cross-chain data communication.

User experience

PLEXUS provides users conveience and better quality trade. Users do not need to go through complex KYC processes and will be able to trade any tokens on-chain across all blockchains in an optimal path using PLEXUS.

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