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What is PLEXUS?

PLEXUS is a Cross-chain DEX aggregator. It guarantees the fastest, the cheapest and the most secure multi step swaps across all blockchain networks and bridges with a single transaction. With the Theta algorithm based "CCRP(Cross-Chain Routing Protocol)" and the maximized UX, PLEXUS will become the best one-stop DeFi platform where everyone can exchange any asset on any blockchain seamlessly.


Blockchain “going mainstream” has been the talk of the industry for years now and more and more world’s biggest companies adopt blockchain and run projects. Blockchain was expected to be adopted by mass soon. However, it is not adopted yet because projects focus too much on technology and not focus on user experience as much. The blockchain technology and cryptocurrency would gain traction with the masses only when projects maximize user experience and users do not have to understand all the technology behind it.

As more dApps across different blockchains are developed, the need to connect the fragmented blockchain ecosystem and the dApp with better UX continue to grow. PLEXUS is aware of the importance of integrating the fragmented liquidity in heterogeneous blockchains into one. PLEXUS with "CCRP(Cross-Chain Routing Protocol)" is a single decnetralized platform where all the assets across heterogeneous blockchains can be exchanged with a few clicks. PLEXUS enables communication between heterogeneous blockchains and maximizes the user experience by allowing seamless asset exchange and integrating the fragmented liquidity in all blockchains.

As the demand for decentralized finance(DeFi) increases, Demand for Cross-chain Bridge is becoming more important for the blockchain mass adoption.

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