Incentive to contribution

The PLEXUS protocol is constantly searching for ways to create a motivational environment where protocol contributors can work at their optimal levels to complete missions. PLEXUS protocol provide protocol contributors both monetary and non-monetary incentives.

Monetary Incentive

PLEXUS rewards protocol contributors PLX tokens.

  1. Mission Rewards Each mission has different difficulty/complexity thus, different allotted PLX rewards. A protocol contributor will be rewarded PLX tokens and points on each mission he/she completes.

  2. Points & Level Rewards(Monthly Rewards) PLEXUS protocol has a points & level system. When a protocol contributor completes a mission, he/she gets contribution points as well as the PLX token rewards. As the protocol contributors complete more missions and get more points, their contribution level goes up which will decide how much PLX rewards they get each month.

LevelContribution PointsPLX Reward

Level 1



Level 2



Level 3



Level 4



Level 5



Level 6



Level 7



*Points depreciate over time so workers should keep contributing to the protocol to maintain or increase their points.

Non-monetary Incentive

1. Governance Power Incentive

Depending on the level, protocol contributors gets incentive in weight for the Governance PLX (gPLX), which allows them to influence more in protocol decision making.

For documentation on gPLX, please see : PLX Staking / gPLX


Level 1


1 PLX = 1.1 gPLX

Level 2


1 PLX = 1.2 gPLX

Level 3


1 PLX = 1.3 gPLX

Level 4


1 PLX = 1.4 gPLX

Level 5


1 PLX = 1.5 gPLX

Level 6


1 PLX = 1.7 gPLX

Level 7


1 PLX = 2 gPLX

2. PLEXUS SBT(Soulbound Token)

The PLEXUS protocol issues SBTs to certify

  1. one's contribution of their labor, work or knowledge to the protocol(Proof of Contribution)

  2. one's attendance in PLEXUS events either virtual or in-person(Proof of Attendance)

1. POC(Proof of Contribution) SBT

The PLEXUS protocol issues POC(Proof of Contribution) SBT that certifies one's contribution to the protocol. Different SBTs will be issued for each missions.

POC SBT Issuance Process:

  1. PLEXUS gives out list of missions

  2. People who would like to complete the missions should write applications.

  3. PLEXUS team reviews the applications and decides who will complete the mission

  4. Notify the designated workers and the workers should complete the mission in a timeframe

  5. PLEXUS team will review when the work is done.

  6. PLEXUS protocol issues SBTs and contribution points to certify contribution.


  • Find solutions to security threats, viruses, or errors that might hinder the performance of applications.

  • Carry out regular security and performance checks

  • Remain current on technology trends to keep our software as innovative as possible

  • Stay on track of the application lifecycle to ensure necessary updates are completed on time


  • monitor market trends

  • create advertising campaigns

  • develop targeting strategies

  • develop more awareness of what PLEXUS offers

  • promote brands, products and services to maximize profits of the protocol


  • aware of the industry trends to keep ahead of competitors.

  • Produce excellent visual work.

  • Apply updates to designs based on stakeholder feedback and opinion.

  • Examine final designs to ensure there are no errors before publishing.

Community Moderator

  • Profile check - reviews users for compliance with PLEXUS community rules.

  • Detection - Identify users who violates PLEXUS community rules.

  • Community Environment - maintain an environment where community members share and exchange ideas, questions, and concerns and contribute resources.


  • create a broad vision for the community.

  • research and find a way to develop protocol.

  • manage and educate the governance members

POA(Proof of Attendance) SBT

The PLEXUS protocol issues a POA SBT that certifies one's attendance in PLEXUS events either virtual or in-person. Different SBTs will be issued for each events.

POA SBT Issuance Process:

  1. PLEXUS event is announced.

  2. People participate in the events either virtual or in-person.

  3. Prove/verify the attendance as instructed.

  4. PLEXUS protocol issues SBTs and contribution points to certify attendance.

The PLEXUS events examples:

  • Public sale

  • First trading

  • Wait list

  • Events attendance

  • more will be added later

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